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Grand opening of the glass bridge!

The newly constructed glass bridge will be opened and tested for the first time!






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Grand opening of the glass bridge!

On Monday the 15th of May, we will have a grand feast at the Green Village, because the glass bridge will officially be opened! This will be done with the opening, two large tests together with U, the students, and of course beers and a barbecue!

Prof. Rob Nijsse, who lead the group research on this glass bridge, wants to test the bridge with live loading and therefore would really like you to be there. This is because you will be standing on the bridge as the real-life load!

You will be part of the experiment in the first glass bridge in the world! We will party a little on the bridge and afterwards we will hold a big barbecue to celebrate the bridge's opening and to thank U for your participation in the testing. Free beers, BBQ and t-shirt included, it's going to be awesome, so don't miss out but subscribe here! Full = full (30 participants allowed).

Unfortuneately, by now the maximum amount of participants (30) has been reached. You can still send a mail to to get on the reserve list, in case a participant drops out. 

Please note:
Although we tried to take all measurements to be certain about the structural capacity of this bridge, we are going to perform some critical load cases of which we are very curious to know what will happen but cannot be 100%  sure that “ nothing”  will happen. We will be fully monitoring, in stress and deformation,  the bridge during all test loads and if anything indicates possible failure we will end the test in best possible way. Please keep in mind that, certainly in this dynamic loading, we will watch, and control, the bridge movements etc. in the most active way. By signing the finch of your application you agree that you have read this warning as careful as possible. Please feel free to contact Prof. Nijsse if you would like more information. 


  • 2017-05-15
  • 15:30 - 18:00
  • Green Village




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