Board: 2012-2013

Vision of the board

Though the U-Dispuut is the student association for both the master tracks Building and Structural Engineering, our core business is building bridges. Perhaps not the physical type many of our members will be able to design in a few years time however, but bridges between our members and other people.

Our first main goal is to bring our members closer together by organizing a variety of social activities. During these activities a bond is formed which is both pleasant and useful during the studies and afterwards. Secondly, the U-Dispuut forms a connection between the students and the lecturers. We’ve always been in close contact with a lot of the lecturers of the BE and SE master courses, and try to incorporate the lecturers in as many of our activities as we can. Furthermore, we actively monitor the quality of the education by sending out and processing questionnaires and discuss the results with the lecturers. The third bridge we try to form is the one between our members and the companies they might work for later. By organizing field trips, excursions, lunch lectures and a symposium our members gain insight in the work they might be involved in later on and the companies they might be working for. We also attend our members to all interesting activities of our sponsors they can join, so that our members can get a clear view of their opportunity's once the student life is over.

Year’s objectives

Over the years the U-Dispuut has grown to be a smoothly run, well organized organization. One could say that this board stands on the shoulders of giants, and indeed we could just continue in line with our previous boards. On a few subjects however, we decided to change the goals. The main change lies in the increased focus in incorporating as many different students as possible within our ranks. This increased focus has already resulted in a sharp increase in the total amount of new members, and the increase of new international and female members in particular. This is only one of our many goals; to get an overview of all of this years’ objectives, we invite you to read the policy plan, which can be found at the U-hok, room 1.35, Stevin II.

The board



Maarten  Mathot
Dijeannio  Hobson
Péter  Gondár
Joost  Hartmann
Joris  Moen
Mathijs  Vermond

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