Board: 2013-2014

Vision of the board

The faculty of Civil Engineering at of the TU Delft is one of the finest education programs in the field of Civil and Structural Engineering in the world. It is without doubt that the students who have finished their Master program on this faculty have learned valuable skills and know-how to solve many technical and analytical problems. However not every problem that a technical engineer will face will be only solvable by the theoretical background that a student has studied at this faculty. The complexity of projects and a general drive to more efficiency requires engineers who are not only technically and analytically well skilled. But engineers who are also dedicated to their profession and who are able to come up with new creative solutions.

The U-dispuut stimulates relations and forms connections between: students, the university and the construction industry. This is done by organizing excursions to building sites, lunch lectures, symposia and study tours as well by processing questionnaires about courses of the master curriculum. These activities are instructive from a technical and educational point of view and give our members an inside in the real building and research industry. The connections which are made during these activities help our members become more complete engineers who are well aware of the current knowledge and methods but simultaneously more able to come up with new creative solutions.

This year’s objectives

As the 27th board of this dispuut we step on a train which is already running. In the past 26 year the U-dispuut is developed into a professional organisation with good relations within the Building- and Structural Engineering industry. However to stay relevant and interesting for the involved parties the U-dispuut must always develop. The developing will this year mainly be focused upon two things. Firstly; considering the increasing demand both from students as from companies to have more face-to-face contact and interaction, new ways of cooperation’s with companies will be explored during this year. Secondly; the added value of a good bond between a student association and her alumni is without doubt, to improve this bond the U-dispuut will explore the possibility for new events and activities during this year. Of course there are more goals set for this year to get an overview of all objectives; we invite you to read the policy plan, which can be found at the U-hok, room 1.35, stevin II.

The board



Paul Berendsen
Aniek  Borgeld
Ana  Ghionoiu
Bart  van Casteren
Sara  van Dijk
Tim  Beelen

Latest news & upcoming activities


Social activity


  • 8 oktober 2019 , 09.00 - 18.00
  • Van Nelle Fabriek (Van Nelle Factory), Van Nelleweg 1, 3044 BC Rotterdam
Books for Steel Structures


Books for Steel Structures

  • 6 september 2019 , 09.00 - 18.00
  • CiTG