U-profiel: 2012-2013

The ‘U-Profiel’ is our association’s magazine, which is published three times a year. In this glossy all activities and news items of the U-Dispuut are to be read by the members, donators and other people who have a soft spot for the Dispuut. Aside from these parts, the ‘U-Profiel’ also features interesting in-depth articles from the field of construction. The entire glossy is put together, from the writing of the articles to the lay-out of the smallest detail, by the committee, in which currently five building- and structure enthusiasts take place. To make sure the magazine is accessible to all, and with an eye on the growing number of international U-Dispuut members, from this year on the ‘U-Profiel’ will even feature an English section!

The committee



Ferdinand  van den Brink
Steven  van Eck
Lucia  Cimpoi
Wilco  van der Mersch
Dennis  Woutering
Maarten  Mathot

Latest news & upcoming activities

Business course Witteveen+Bos


Business course Witteveen+Bos

  • 29 november 2017 , 09.00 - 18.00
  • Amsterdam office
Coffee and Cake Break

Social activity

Coffee and Cake Break

  • 27 november 2017 , 12.30 - 13.30
  • Blue floor Stevin II laboratory
Lunch lecture: Bart Leclercq

Lunch lecture

Lunch lecture: Bart Leclercq

  • 17 november 2017 , 12.30 - 13.30
  • Room E, Faculty of Civil Engineering