Board: 2015-2016

U-BASE Association is the one and only master study association for Building and Structural engineering students. However, before this year, there were three different study associations for the same two master tracks. For Building Engineering students there was the U-dispuut, which focussed mainly on the Utility sector.  For Structural Engineering students there was the Beton-dispuut (Concrete) and the CST-dispuut (Composite, steel and timber). As you can imagine, this was quite confusing for students. Regular overlap between activities occurred, as similar excursions, lunch lectures and study tours were organised. Also for sponsors it was hard to decide which association to support as the building and structural engineering sectors are very closely related to each other. Therefore, it was a logical step to merge those three associations to one big and overall association.   The main goal of this year’s board is to make use of the fundament of the previous associations to create stability for our new association. U-BASE is broader, has a wider scope and it is therefore able to offer students more variety in activities. Furthermore we want to make sure that by the end of the year, all relevant parties know about U-BASE, what we do and what we can offer.  

The vision of U-BASE is split up in three main goals: we want to be the linking element between students among each other, between students and education and between students and companies.  

Students - Students
U-BASE is an association created by students for students. It is an open and approachable study association for both international and national students. Our office, also known as “the base” must be a comfortable place where all students can hang out and drink a coffee in the breaks. Quarterly social activities are organised by the action committee, which provides students with opportunities to get to know each other better. We believe that the best students are the ones that study together!  

Students – Education
The second main goal of U-BASE is to improve the quality of the education. This year we focus on a more informal approach by organising monthly Coffee & Cake Breaks. Here students get the chance to have personal and informal contact with professors. In this way experiences can be shared and possible graduation topics can be discussed.  

Students – Companies
The third goal is to improve the contact between students and companies. By means of lunch lectures, excursions, business cases and study tours, students get the chance to have a look in the Civil Engineering sector. It will help students to find an internship or (student) job. For companies those activities are the perfect occasion to look for students that might fit in their companies.   

A board of six enthusiastic students will do their absolute best to pursue all above-mentioned goals. For a more extended version of our vision, come to our base at room 1.35 in Stevin II to have a look at our complete policy plan.

The board



Marloes van der Zanden
Elgar Slooten
Gerran Lankhorst
Apostolos Bougioukos
Thijmen Jaspers Focks
Carlijn van Hoogdalem

Latest news & upcoming activities


Social activity


  • 8 oktober 2019 , 09.00 - 18.00
  • Van Nelle Fabriek (Van Nelle Factory), Van Nelleweg 1, 3044 BC Rotterdam
Books for Steel Structures


Books for Steel Structures

  • 6 september 2019 , 09.00 - 18.00
  • CiTG