U-profiel: 2015-2016

The ‘U-Profiel’ is our association’s magazine, which is published three times a year. In this glossy all activities and news items of U-BASE are to be read by the members, donators and other people who have a soft spot for our association. Beside these items, the ‘U-Profiel’ contains interesting articles about the field of work. In-depth articles of famous engineers of the early days to the latest project to be build. The entire magazine is made by eight structural- and building engineering students, who write the articles and put to the whole magazine together to the smallest detail in the layout.

If you are a member, donator or partner of U-BASE, you’ll automatically get a copy of each ‘U-Profiel’ delivered at your doorstep. Aren’t a member yet? You can sign up here. Do you want to write an article or perhaps you are interested in joining the committee? We’re always looking for people with a good story, so feel free to send us an email, and we’ll reply ASAP.

The committee



Corné Hagen
Axel Koper
Niels Hofstee
Carla Smulders
Carlijn van Hoogdalem

Latest news & upcoming activities

Lunch Lecture BAM

Lunch lecture

Lunch Lecture BAM

  • 18 juni 2019 , 12.30 - 13.30
  • Room 1.95
*Dutch* Inhouse dag Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam


*Dutch* Inhouse dag Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam

  • 19 juni 2019 , 11.00 - 17.00
  • Amsterdam