Study Tour: 2016-2017

The first two weeks of the summer holidays we will visit some of the most extraordinary civil projects in the south east of China. Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Macau and Guangzhou will be visited by a group of 23 students and two professors from Building- and Structural Engineering.

Everybody already knows Hong Kong and it’s obvious why it will be interesting for civil engineers to visit it. Less known are Shenzhen and Guangzhou, even though if you paid a little attention during Special Structures you must have heard about the big Canton Tower. Besides this tower, there are also other very interesting civil projects to visit in Guangzhou. Shenzhen is a city which has grown from a little village to the metropole it is nowadays in less than 40 years. A lot of construction is still going on and a collection of world’s highest buildings are situated in Shenzhen.

Do you want to join this trip? Make sure you subscribe and send us your motivation letter before the 24th of March! We will leave on the 12th of July, just after the last exams, and we’ll return on the 25th. The costs for the trip will be €700,-. To subscribe for the study tour 2017, click here.

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Latest news & upcoming activities

Excursion Sebastiaansbrug: silent & vibration-free pushing of precast piles


Excursion Sebastiaansbrug: silent & vibration-free pushing of precast piles

  • 21 mei 2019 , 14.00 - 15.30
  • St. Sebastiaansbrug, Delft
Master Case Day May 28th

Social activity

Master Case Day May 28th

  • 28 mei 2019 , 08.30 - 16.30
  • Bouwcampus (Building 26)
Lunch Lecture Iv-Groep

Lunch lecture

Lunch Lecture Iv-Groep

  • 22 mei 2019 , 12.45 - 13.45
  • Lecture Hall E