Action: 2016-2017

In October, our group met together with some guys of the old action committee. And yes, guys, because there were just guys,  completely different from the new committee, which has 3 girls in it! We quickly took over from the old committee and started organising an excursion to IMd, of which even the people who did not follow Slender structures, have heard of, as some teachers do not approve the excursions during lectures. In our opinion students are free to decide if they are attending lectures and excursions. It is good to have seen some practical examples outside the lecture room, at a site for example, before starting to work. It was a good promotion and start for the new committee.. So good that the excursion was postponed to the next quarter, so more people can join! There are nice winter activities coming up; such as a Christmas dinner on the 21 st of December, to have that Santa Claus and filled bellies feeling right before the Christmas holidays start.

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The committee



Geerte Kotteman
Saurabh Gunecha
Judith van der Linde
Rayaan Ajouz
Madina Karim
Arthur de Groot

Latest news & upcoming activities

Short U-BASE Trip 2019


Short U-BASE Trip 2019

  • 21 november 2019 , 07.15 - 00.00
  • Berlin
Dodgeball tournament

Social activity

Dodgeball tournament

  • 16 oktober 2019 , 19.30 - 23.00
  • Maria Duystlaan 2