Concrete Canoe Race: 2016-2017

Is it really possible to build a concrete canoe? That's often the first thing people think about when they hear about it. Yes, it's definitely possible! We, as the Concrete Canoe Race Committee 2016-2017, are participating in two concrete canoe races this year. The first race takes place on the 13th of May in Enschede, the second one on the 9th of June in Cologne, Germany. For these races, we are working on a whole new and innovative canoe design to eventually win prizes!

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Arthur van Rhijn
Aukje Aarts
David Kroon
Dirk Braak
Petra Beld
Edward Fransen

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Lunch Lecture BAM

Lunch lecture

Lunch Lecture BAM

  • 18 juni 2019 , 12.30 - 13.30
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*Dutch* Inhouse dag Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam


*Dutch* Inhouse dag Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam

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