Value of Design: 2017-2018

The symposium ‘Value of Design’ highlights both the architectural part and the engineering part of several projects, focusing on the collaboration between the two disciplines. We strive for a discussion about architects, engineers and their collaboration. In which way should they conceive a project that has both a high aesthetic value and enhances advanced techniques concerning safety? By organizing this symposium we hope to inspire not only students but also professors and companies. 

The 'Value of Design' symposium will be held on the afternoon of the 2nd of May 2018. This editions theme will be 'Shaping the Extraordinary'. Also the lineup for this symposium is known, so take a look on our website and get your tickets now with a discount:

The committee



Yordi  Paasman
Stephan  Backx
Geert  Hoogerwaard
Katinka Verleg
Rens Nijman
Tigist Znabei
Sander Geertzen
Aukje Aarts
Rick Voortman

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