Concrete Canoe Race: 2017-2018

Why building a concrete canoe? Because we can! We, as Concrete Canoe Committee 2017-2018, are participating in the concrete canoe race. This year’s race takes place in Eindhoven, where we will race against teams from universities all over the country. Our predecessors did a great job by building the wooden mould. Using this mould gives us more time to focus on the concrete mixture design and the testing of the concrete. We focus on designing a lightweight canoe by using an innovative concrete mixture to eventually take some prizes back to Delft! To contact us, please send a mail to

Our team is sponsored by Koninklijke BAM Groep and Bouwen met staal

The committee



Tim  Kapteijn
Maria del Mar Corral Domenge
Laura Corrales Akerman
Knut Tjensvoll
Wouter  Gerritsen
Lisa Swaalf
Hermen van de Minkelis

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Last Vrijmibo

Social activity

Last Vrijmibo

  • 5 juli 2019 , 17.00 - 20.00
  • the BASE
Lunch Lecture BAM

Lunch lecture

Lunch Lecture BAM

  • 18 juni 2019 , 12.30 - 13.30
  • Room 1.95