Concrete Canoe Race: 2018-2019

Why building a concrete canoe? Because we can! We, as the Concrete Canoe Committee 2018-2019, are participating in this year's concrete canoe race that takes place in 's-Hertogenbosch. There we will race against teams from universities in not just Netherlands, but also in Germany, Poland, and more.

This year we will construct an all new high quality mould while also focusing on designing a lightweight canoe by using a highly sustainable concrete mixture to take some prizes back to Delft!

To contact us, please send a mail to

The committee



Maria  Felicita
Jorge Trimarchi
Lisa van Iperen
Andrew Sugianto
Sayantan Pandit
Maria de Vries Robbe
Natalia Vilanova
Brigitte Danks
Knut Tjensvoll

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