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New Name New Association

Change is an inevitable part of life. Our response to this rapidly changing world is the merger of The U-dispuut, the Beton dispuut and the Staal dispuut into one brand new association: U-BASE! 






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New Name New Association

Change is an inevitable part of life. One must evolve in order to adapt to the rapidly developing world. Likewise, in order to sustain its existence and ensure gradual growth, our organization must continually introduce adjustments in all its spheres. Without the constant need of our alumni to progress and push its boundaries, U-dispuut would not be the same as it is today. Surely, not in such a good state and not being the only existing student association for Building and Structural engineering students. 

U-dispuut, founded more than 28 years ago, was originally devoted to Building engineering students, however, over the years, our scope has broadened and Structural students became an inherent part of our community. Sadly, this aspect has never been properly reflected in either our objectives or our domain. Bearing aforementioned in mind and the fact that other “disputen”, although very strong a while ago, no longer exist, an idea occurred in our minds. The idea to create a student association that will represent our entire section; with which every Building and Structural engineering student could truly identify himself and which would not limit interaction with not “utility-related” companies. 

From the very beginning, we were aware that it would be a fairly demanding task. However; what is more important, we considered and we still do, that it would eventually lead to common good. Theodore Roosevelt once said “Nothing in life worth having is easy”. With that thought deeply inscribed in our minds, we spent countless hours analyzing various options and evaluating possible scenarios. Finally, we reached a conclusion that a new name, incorporating not only all our tracks but also our international students, ought to be introduced. To our minds, in that way a fresh start would be appropriately accentuated and it would enable full compliance with our common beliefs and would leave no room for misconception. On the other hand, we wanted to ensure that the notable U-history will be not lost and many of its great traditions will be preserved. Finally, our aim was to let our members indicate the name as their opinions are always crucial for us and they represent the real state of our association. 

Taking all those, partially contradicting, perspectives into account eventually we came up with the name that satisfied our criteria and the name that we instantly all liked. The new name of Stichting Utiliteitsbouw Dispuut is:  

U-BASE association – United Building and Structural Engineering association!
Simply called: U-BASE 

We believe, that thanks to the introduction of this name and other changes that will be implemented in the coming months, we will create a “United” community in which the needs of every individual will be properly represented and any imposed divisions will not restrain them. In the end, we are all engineers having a common goal, which is designing and constructing sustainable and highly efficient structures that will serve humanity well.