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Concrete Canoe Race






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Concrete Canoe Race

The Betonkanorace (Concrete Canoe Race) is a yearly event of the Betonvereniging and is each year organized by another university. It’s a typical civil technical event, and fits perfectly with U-BASE.

TU Delft has participated many years, but when the concrete association shrank, so did the Concrete Canoe Committee, until the year 2006 when the last competition of TU Delft students was rowed. BUT THIS YEAR WE ARE BACK! And we are filled with enthusiasm and confidence to be part of the Betonkanorace once again!

All participating teams build a canoe solely out of concrete. With the canoe you will compete against other teams by rowing different distances. All teams come from different regional schools and universities, from the Netherlands or abroad. The average number of participants is 250 to 300, forming 20 to 25 teams.

The Betonkanorace was founded by TU Delft’s Betondispuut (concrete association) in 1977. The founders considered it a nice way to promote concrete, to show what could be done with this beautiful material.

For the race in 2006, the students of Civil Engineering were participating with three boats. They were both competing in sprints and long distant races. The canoes were very thin due to the use of high-strength concrete, and had a thickness of approximately half a centimetre. They used a mould that has been used by our students for many years, that was once made for us by students of Maritime Engineering. We still have this mould, and we will make use of it again this year!

A committee of seven members will be set up. The Concrete Canoe Committee will construct a concrete canoe, by making use of the expertise of Professor Hordijk. ENCI will provide our team with materials and advice and information.

This year the race will be held in Arnhem, the 27th and 28th of May. Friday the 26th there will be a party in Delft for all participating teams of Delft, to open this year’s races.

Would you like to be part of this legendary project? Please send your motivational letter of why you want to be part of the Concrete Canoe Committee (max. 300 words) to before the 18th of December.