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Committee interest?

The U-BASE board is looking for new members who want to do a committee for the next year






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Committee interest?

If you are enthusiastic about doing a committee this year, check out what are the different options and send your preferences to !

The different U-BASE committees are:
- Action Committee
The action committee is responsible for organising all the activities throughout the year, such as excursions, lunch lectures and all kinds of different social activities. By organising lunch lectures and excursions, companies become more approachable to your fellow students and they gain an insight in present-day building projects or engineering problems. The social activities are there to have fun and bring students closer to each other. As part of the action committee you are in direct contact with companies and can decide about the topics and building projects to visit. Also you are completely free to organise social activities you think are awesome. Every year the legendary ChristmUs Dinner and end-of-the-year UTT (U-BASE Tabletennis Tournament) are organised.

- U-Profiel
The U-Profiel is the magazine of U-BASE. This beautiful and respected magazine is published 3 times a year and is distributed to all our members, partners and donors. The U-Profiel is filled with articles about interesting building projects, structural projects, interviews with building / structural engineers or view in depth some of the topical discussions in our discipline. Of course there is also room to talk about the activities being done by U- BASE. For example, in the last edition there was a nice review about the build-up and race of the concrete canoe committee. The committee of the U-Profiel does not switch every year, it is ongoing so continuity is guaranteed. As a part of the committee you can choose the topics you want to write and think about. The design and structure of the magazine is also done by the committee.

- Concrete canoe race
In the spring of 2017 students will gather for another edition of the Concrete Canoe Race. Around 30 teams, from not only the Netherlands but also originating from Germany and Poland, will battle and race with two rowers in their homemade concrete canoes. The concrete canoe race was founded by TU Delft’s former Betondispuut (Concrete Association) in 1977 to promote the use and broad applicability of concrete. U-BASE will form a motivated team that will represent TU Delft at this typical civil engineering event. Results of last year were promising with prizes for both the most sustainable and the heaviest concrete canoe. Can you bring your civil engineering expertise into practice and raise the bar with an even more successful concrete canoe?

- Study Tour Committee
This committee is in charge of organizing an unforgettable Study Trip, which will normally takes place during the summer. The main goal of the trip is to visit companies and construction sites at the destination. The trip usually lasts between ten days and two weeks and participants consist of around 23 students and two professors. The organization of the trip involves looking for funds, booking tickets and hostels, contacting the companies at the destination and look for sponsoring to make the trip more accessible to students. Apart from the educational programme, the trip also contains many cultural activities and night life. If you are an active person, passionate about travelling and are looking for organising something special, do not hesitate to run this committee.

- Value of design
Once every two years the Value of Design Symposium is organized by U-BASE. Every edition will highlight a different theme of the utility construction, told by inspiring speakers from all over the world. Both the engineering part as well as the designing part will be treated. After the success of the symposium previous editions in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014 and 2016, it was decided to organize a new edition in 2018. The Value of Design committee is responsible for organizing this big event. It is their job to choose a catchy theme, approach inspiring speakers, bring in some nice sponsors, set up the full promotion and take care of an awesome location.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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