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Graduation of Bettine Gommer and Pawel Baran

Both recently graduated! Congratulations!






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Graduation of Bettine Gommer and Pawel Baran

In the last weeks two of our beloved U-BASE members graduated:

Bettine Gommer's topic: Resistance in Helmholtz resonators: researching the potential of sound absorption with additive manufacturing.

"I studied the master Building Engineering with track Building Technology and Physics. With the master having a more generic focus on building physics, my main priority was to study the physics behind acoustics. My graduation topic was the result of a few conversations with several professors that have more experience in this field, giving me the opportunity to graduate on a theoretical and empirical research topic at the University. I studied the effect of additional resistance in Helmholtz resonators, which are used for sound absorption of specific frequencies. The resonator system works as a mass-spring damper and additional resistance is added in the neck of the resonator (thus resisting movement of the mass). By adding this resistance it might be possible to create absorption on a larger part of the frequency spectrum, making these resonators suitable for more applications. This has been researched by looking at different geometries, that were produced by using additive manufacturing and modelled in CFD analysis software. The final results led to the conclusion that adding surface area in the neck of the resonator gives a broader absorption peak and can positively influence the behavior of the resonator. The improved elements can be combined into different shapes and panels to absorb sound in rooms. While acoustics is one of my main personal interests, the most interesting part of the graduation was the combination with additive manufacturing and the freedom this gives with respect to the shape and form of the samples. Doing the research at the university gave it more possibilities for in depth research and testing with a smaller focus on application and practice."

Pawel Baran's topic: Numerical modelling and design of the 3D printed formwork.

"I started my Masters programme at the TU Delft in September 2014. After a year, having finished almost all courses, I joined research team at Tentech, a structural engineering company involved in the 3D Print Canal House project. Soon after, I decided to graduate in this field, with particular focus on numerical modelling and design of the 3D printed formwork. During the 8 months, which I have spent working on my thesis, I was given an immense amount of trust and support, did tests in two laboratories, collaborated with a number of scientists and validated the concept on site. At the same time, I was lucky to be part of U-BASE, where I met fantastic people and had a great time traveling and doing activities. How can I summarize all this? Purely amazing!"