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New project possibility: AI in the construction industry

A new multidisciplinary project, together with people from CME.






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New project possibility: AI in the construction industry

While many other industries have undergone enormous changes over the last few decades, the Engineering & Construction sector has been slow in fully embracing the latest technological opportunities. Up to a certain extent information technology is already applied – in almost every bigger project the use of e.g. BIM is becoming common practice and many other products are approaching fast. In the next couple of years, the use of augmented reality, drones, 3D scanning and printing or robotics will fully develop and become standard. The question is what other technologies we can anticipate and how can they improve the processes in construction industry. One possible research question we want to pose is:

Where will the development of new intelligent technologies take the E&C industry next?

What phases of the construction process show potential for the application of AI in the next years? Are you horrified, anxious or intrigued by this emerging technology? Then come and join us to build your new colleague. We will start by creating several simple interactions using proven technology, then expand it to ultimately make it better than ourselves. If you are interested, let us know by sending us an email. As the final concept and context of the project is yet to be fully developed, please include a short explanation of your vision for the project.

Contact Moritz Kraus ( or Nejc Švent ( if you're interested.