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Greetings from the new Action Committee! We are all happy that education is finally back on Campus and it's delightful to have U back in classrooms again. The Action committee is responsible for organizing events that connect you to companies. Through excursions, lunch lectures, and dinners, we help give you a glimpse of the industry you will be a part of after graduation. Apart from this, these events will also add a new perspective to the classroom knowledge you have acquired or will be acquiring in the near future.

The Action committee is also in-charge of promoting social interaction among U-BASE members. Knowing how demanding the academics are, we do our best to host events to get you moving to help you have fun and relieve some stress at the same time!

Currently COVID is on the rise again and safety measures are back on campus. This limits our on-campus interactions . But worry not, we are here to make these transitions as seamless as we can. We promise to offer the best we can while working within the framework of these regulations! The committee consists of 6 members with 

Martijn Verroen as the Chair, Jhalesh Juddo as the vice-chair and in charge of promotions, Emma van Amsterdam as the secretary, Saatvik Pratap Singh is in charge of Social Events, Daan Smolders as the treasurer, Karthick Sasikumar takes care of the lunch lectures & excursions and Iona van der Toorn of Board 7 as the QQ.


  • Martijn Verroen


  • Jhalesh Juddoo

    Vice-Chair & Promotion

  • Emma Lotte Nelly van Amsterdam


  • Satvik Pratap Singh

    Social Events

  • Karthick Sasikumar

    Lunch Lectures & Excursions

  • Daan Smolders


  • Iona Louise van der Toorn

    Qualitate Qua