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The Education committee is co-formed by a group of seven highly motivated fellow students: Vikash Garib as Chairman; Laura Dieterich Murr as Secretary; Sri Gajanan Moudgalya Gogulapati as Master Case Day Representative and Commissioner of 1st year SE courses, Andrés Martinez Colan as Commissioner of 1st year BE courses; Georgios Kleisiaris as Commissioner of 2nd year SE courses; Fiori Isufi as Commissioner of CCB’s and Paul Mako as QQ.

The unified aim of the committee is to continue the U-BASE tradition of: conducting highly in-depth course evaluations by valuing student opinion, hosting informative and engaging coffee and cake break lectures, and helping organize the Master Case Day and other education-centered events. We are all very excited to be a part of this committee and we hope that despite the circumstances, the work that is done by this committee upholds the level of commitment and excellence shown by the previous boards.


  • Vikash Garib


  • Laura Dieterich Dieterich Murr


  • Sri Gajanan Moudgalya Gogulapati

    Commissioner SE

  • Andres Ignacio Martinez

    Commissioner BE

  • Georgios Kleisiaris

    Commissioner 2nd year

  • Fiori Isufi

    Commissioner CCB

  • Paul Mako

    Qualitate Qua