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The Education committee conducts various education centered events. It includes highly in-depth course evaluations by valuing student opinions, hosting informative and engaging coffee and cake break lectures, and helping organize the Master Case Day. The committee consists of Willem Wolswijk as Chairman, Pragya Mukherjee as Secretary, Raitis Pekuss as Commissioner of 1st year BE courses, Swarnangshu Ghosh as the Commissioner of 1st year SE courses, Roberto Cascella as Commissioner of 2nd year courses, Junaid as Commissioner of CCB’s and last but not the least Ivo Liepa as QQ. All of us are very excited to be a part of this committee and we hope the work done by this committee upholds the level of commitment and excellence shown by the previous members.


  • Willem Simon Wolswijk


  • Pragya Mukherjee


  • Raitis Pekuss

    Commissioner BE

  • Swarnangshu Ghosh

    Commissioner SE

  • Roberto Cascella

    Commissioner 2nd year

  • Junaid Ahmed

    Commissioner CCB

  • Ivo Liepa

    Qualitate Qua