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Study Tour

Study Tour


The Study Tour Committee organizes a yearly based study trip. It will be an exciting and educational 2-weeks trip in which you will see many interesting things. We will visit engineering companies, great civil engineering structures, and construction sites. Next to this, there will be plenty of time for us to see many of the destination’s cultural sites and experience the nightlife of the city(s). If COVID-19 won’t stand in our way, we will travel the world again!

The Study Tour Committee consists of 9 members, with Stef Appelman as chairman, Stephanie Ramos as secretary, Brain Schagen as acquisition manager, Bernardo Lontra for activities, Daniela Tavera as treasurer, Clément Waltener who manages the logistics, Sóley Hjörvarsdóttir is in charge of promotion and we have Laura Aboltina and Cristina Román as our QQ's.

Brush the dust off your bags because U need to be there!


  • Daniela Tavera Diaz


  • Sóley Hjörvarsdóttir


  • Brian Schagen


  • Stef Appelman


  • stephanie ramos


  • Clement Waltener


  • Bernardo Mota Lontra


  • Cristina Román

    Qualitate Qua

  • Laura Āboltiņa

    Qualitate Qua