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Study Tour

Study Tour


The Study Tour committee oversees a 14-day trip to an epic destination with an educational and attractive program. Participants will get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience different places, cuisines, institutes, culture and of course the nightlife. There will be plenty of study-related activities, such as upcoming projects and amazing structures!

The Study Tour committee consists of seven members: Marvin Liu as Chairman, Daniela Tavera as Secretary, Eldhose Boben Paul as Treasurer, Cristina Román in charge of activities, Fiori Isufi for Logistics and two experienced QQs: Maria Felicita and Judith Kabelaars.

Are U coming with us?


  • Yat Long Liu


  • Eldhose Boben Paul


  • Daniela Tavera Diaz

    Internal Affairs

  • Michiel Benschop

    External Affairs

  • Cristina Román


  • Fiori Isufi


  • Judith Kavelaars

    Qualitate Qua

  • Maria Felicita

    Qualitate Qua

  • Laura Āboltiņa