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About VSL

VSL stands for Vorspann System Losinger, a wire prestressing system first patented in Switzerland in the early 1950s. VSL was a pioneer of post-tensioning which very quickly became a revolutionary technical solution that helped broaden horizons for civil and construction engineers, allowing them to push the boundaries of structural design further.

Our mission is to ensure the highest levels of safety and durability of structures such as bridges, underground infrastructure, industrial facilities and landmark commercial buildings. We leverage an approach based on three pillars, combining creative engineering and efficient construction methods, ever-evolving in-house technologies, and sound operational skills for project execution to make it possible to construct, maintain or strengthen any structure for even the most demanding clients.

We ensure the development and constant improvement of our portfolio of in-house technologies, including post-tensioning systems, stay-cables, ground anchors and VSol systems for retained-earth walls.


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