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Lunchlecture by Van Rossum

Lunchlecture by Van Rossum
Presented byU-BASE X Van Rossum
DateTuesday, December 1, 2020

Wonderwoods: ZOOMLINK

This Lunch Lecture will be presented by Steven Schoenmakers from our partner Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs.

In his presentation, Steven will present a Healthy Urban Living space showcasing two high-profile green towers of 105 and 73 meters high, respectively. The towers are covered with vegetation and are characterized by a transparent façade and numerous green terraces. Furthermore, he will assess the flexible layout of the towers featuring residential, office and relaxation areas, cultural venues and catering services.


Attending physically: (Register for event)

  1. Sign up for the lunch lecture only if you are going to attend physically due to limited spots 

  2. Fill in your preference for a sandwich in the form once you enroll.

  3. Attend the lecture in lecture hall B

  4. Receive a free sandwich after the lecture

Attending Online: 

  1. Follow the link on Tuesday.

  2. Order your (1) favorite sandwich at Butcher Leo

  3. Pay for 1 sandwich (max € 3.70)

  4. Get your receipt and save it! (really important)

  5. Scan your receipt to a PDF

  6. Fill in the reimbursement form (found on

  7. Create 1 PDF of the reimbursement form and the receipt

  8. E-mail it to before December 4.

  9. Receive the money within 2 weeks.

  10. Note: Only 1 sandwich on 1 receipt per person