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During the break after Q2 exams, a wintersport holiday was organised by U-BASE. Before covid, the first edition was organised by Board 5. Due to covid this obviously couldn’t continue. It was Board 8’s time to shine and organise an amazing wintersports trip. 

With 8 lovely people from U-BASE we went to Kitzbuhel in Austria. Kitzbuhel is famous for the hahnenkammrennen which is held once a year during New Year’s day. U-BASE had to show their courage to conquer these insane slopes themselves. 

The weather during the week was beautiful. Only the first day it was slightly misty but the rest of the week was perfect. Only sun and blue skies and the temperature is still below zero degrees Celsius. Perfect weather to wake up very early to catch the first gondola. Some people took lessons at the start of the week and joined the rest of the group later during the week. With the 8 of us we had a lot of fun on the slopes. 

We hope to see U all again next year!