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Prof. Dipl.-Ing. J.N.J.A. Vambersky

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. J.N.J.A. Vambersky“U-BASE is a student association. It is formed by a very active and resourceful group of students with interests in the structural design of buildings, exciting structures and all related aspects that are of importance for structural engineers with ambitions in this field. U-Base has positioned itself and its activities close to the Department of Structural and Building Engineering. U-BASE has developed with this Department an intensive and fruitful relation and cooperation, highly appreciated not only within the Faculty but also outside.

U-BASE provides students with extracurricular student activities and brings them into contact with the design- and engineering offices, contractors, research institutes and other professional bodies, which they may work for after they graduate. U-BASE organises excursions to companies, in-field projects and profession-oriented lectures. One recurrent activity is the organisation of an international study tour. The goal of this tour is to provide students with a unique professional exposure to the industry and to the culture in a particular country. During these tours, the students get in close contact with many aspects of the profession. U-BASE has built an outstanding reputation. It is my expectation, that more will be heard about U-BASE and its activities also in the future.”

Prof. ir. Rob Nijsse

Prof. ir. Rob Nijsse Prof. Ir. Rob Nijsse is since his Master Thesis at the Technical University of Delft in Civil Engineering in 1979 working at the Consulting Engineering firm ABT; starting as a structural engineer he is now a senior advisor, also responsible for the technical quality of ABT. In regard to this, he was installed in 2007 as a professor in Structural Engineering at Technical University of Delft at the faculty of Architecture and in 2010 in the same position at the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

"The working with students, especially thesis students, allows me to research technical developments, especially in Structural Glass, and thereby increase the level of knowledge in the Netherlands. Regarding the amazing developments in building in the Far and Middle East a very necessary thing. The students that are involved in U-BASE are all Master Students in Civil Engineering, therefore from this group of people the structural engineers, the project developers and technical advisors of the Future will come." Bert M. Geerken Bert M. Geerken We stimulate our students to participate in other activities than just following lectures and passing exams, whenever time allows them to do so! Like everywhere, sports and music are among the most famous choices. Others become a member of a Delft Dream Team, developing new technologies with limited means and participate in races or even in worldwide challenges -with other student teams. Also, a contribution in the Board or one of the Committees of Student Unions are well appreciated, although this may result in a laborious task.

The “U-BASE” board members have found a great way in between. Their programme consisting of excursions, fields trips and conferences is quite ambitious, but can still be carried out well because they divide the tasks over several participants, sharing the workload. Their 29 years of existence have given them solid experience in the ways to improve the experience as well as knowledge of the Building and Structural engineering students. Furthermore, we highly value the way in which they cooperate closely with the department and the Faculty. We always aim to reinforce the “ T-shaped approach”: becoming an expert in a certain field, with an open mind for other disciplines and the required soft skills to cope with the environment of experts and other stakeholders, including the general public. I am glad our environment of companies and institutions supports this view, providing our students with internships, visits and sponsorships. U-BASE has found a great way to involve and work together with these external relations, as well as our own staff and students.

For this young generation of professionals, it is important to observe a new drive for innovation and cooperation. The recent opening of the Bouwcampus (January 2016) is an example of this and also the then&their presented Agenda by the branch organisation Bouwend Nederland, in close cooperation with 3TU-Bouw developed.