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Geerte Kotteman

Date: Thursday, July 2 2020

Time: 13.00

Topic: Steel 3D printing for structures - An explorative study on the tear-out strength of a pin or bolt in a Wire and Arc Additively Manufactured carbon steel plate

Location: Zoom

Description: Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D printing, is emerging as a technology for different applications made of steel. It is expected that in the coming years the construction industry will benefit from the free and lightweight forms that can be fabricated and the possible material savings.

A few experimental results of 3D printed stainless steel are published, while no data is available on the material properties of wire and arc additively manufactured (WAAM) low carbon steel nor on specific connections. Carbon steel is widely applied in the construction industry and is less expensive, compared to other types of steel, as stainless, which was investigated for WAAM in other studies. Therefore, WAAM low carbon steel plates were investigated thoroughly in this research.

The material properties were determined and the tear-out failure behaviour of a single pin or bolt was analysed with experiments.

Track: Structural Engineering