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Ivo Pronk

Date and Time: 25/10/2023, 13:15

Location: Lecture Hall F

Topic:  Development of a re-mountable timber car park

Nowadays, timber car parks are made non-remountable, and the remountable ones use steel and concrete. So, I investigated in my Master's Thesis the potential of a timber remountable car park, with the important annotation that the facade is open. Therefore, moisture resistance became an important topic, combined with fire resistance. Remountable connections are favourable for sustainability because they ensure a second use of the car park without a damaging or time-consuming demounting process. In addition, the environment benefits from designing the car park in timber compared to concrete and steel due to timber's renewable and natural material character combined with its low self-weight. This research is divided into two main subjects. The first is determining the most suitable floor system. The second one is the design of the remountable connections in the complete load-bearing system.

Track: Structural Engineering