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Jose Galan

Date: 30th of June

Time: 15:45 hr

Topic: Fatigue Behavior and Mechanical Characterization of Austenitic Stainless Steel Produced through Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing

Location: (Meeting-ID: 821 1156 6633)

Description: Under the broad spectrum of options for manufacturing of metallic components, Wire + Arc Additive Manufacturing, WAAM, offers the combination of high design freedom and productivity at a comparably low cost. Based on the need to understand the fatigue behaviour of mechanical components manufactured under WAAM, a comprehensive series of mechanical tests were performed. Test coupons were extracted from a heat-treated 316L austenitic stainless steel wall to perform monotonically and fully reversed strain-controlled fatigue tests in both longitudinal and build directions. A constitutive model for the material is described based on the results of cyclic behaviour in both orthogonal directions. An inspection of the fracture surface of the tested coupons was realized in order to validate the fracture initiation phenomenon with the assumptions made by different models of fatigue life. Addressing a commonly cited problem, the macroscopic surface roughness of the printed material was quantified, and its effect as a stress concentrator was modelled and verified through a smaller group of tested coupons. Finally, suggestions for the extrapolation of these results are done for the design of structural components produced by WAAM and designed for Fatigue Limit State.

Track: Building Engineering