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Peter Manos

Date and time: 10 February 2023 at 16:15

Location: Online via Microsoft Teams

Topic: Seismic and stability analysis of component-based extraterrestrial vaults

Description: The aim of this project is to provide novel insight into the stability of self-supporting dry-stone vaults under the influence of microgravity and ground motions. This is achieved through a three-part analysis approach, which starts with an investigation into the fundamental structural behaviour of dry-stone, Nubian-type vaults based on a series of parametric studies. Key geometric parameters of the vaults are varied, and the resulting distinct element models are subjected to quasi-static pushover-type analysis in 3DEC. The parametric studies indicate what configuration of the vault geometry can maximise seismic capacity. This optimal vault geometry is modelled in Rhino using geometric constraint solving, which is used to produce a model which can be assembled from mechanically-interlocking components. Through pushover-type testing and dynamic time-history analysis, the performance of the resulting vault model is assessed with respect to possible moonquake loading. The final part of the design process accounts for uncertainties in material properties by conducting sensitivity studies, which indicate what degree of variation in performance is possible.

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Track: Structural Engineering