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Raymond Brouwers

Date and time: 2022-04-25

Location: EWI Lecture Hall H

Topic: Structural monitoring of a church influenced by mining settlements using spaceborne remote sensing

Description: This thesis integrates remote sensing data, acquiring displacements due to mining, with a computational structural finite element model of a church structure. The displacements have been interpolated using MT-InSAR data, which contains projections of nonlinear displacements in vertical and West-East directions. The interpolation has been performed using two techniques. The first is Ordinary Kriging, which is used to obtain
a general insight into the deformations and the shape of the deformed region near the
church. The second uses the least squares method to fit polynomial shape functions. The resulting displacements of the least squares analysis have been integrated into a nonlinear structural finite element model. The
structural model consists of a soil-structure interaction model and nonlinear material properties, and is used to assess crack propagation.

Track: Structural Engineering​​​​​​​