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Internal Affairs

Laura Āboltiņa

Function Internal Affairs & Vice-president
U-BASE experience Education Committee 2019-2020
Mastertrack Structural Engineering
Hobbies Singing, sports & travelling
QQ Study Tour Committee, Value of Design Committee
E-mail internalaffairs@u-base.org

I live with the certainty that a group of people can achieve more than individuals on their own. When you have too many questions others can help you to sort them out when you lack an inspiration or motivation others can share theirs with you and when you feel like getting a drink others can be there to cheer with you!

That is exactly what I have experienced last year! From day one U-BASE opened their doors for everyone to experience friendly, united and active student association. Through participation in the Education Committee, I have witnessed the care of improving the education that U-BASE shares and possibilities that this association provides to improve each member’s individual skills.

I am excited to fill the role of internal affairs and vice-president. I will keep you all informed about the events, activities and achievements within U-BASE and make sure you never miss out on an upcoming event. I will also be a part of two great committees - the Study Tour and Value of Design. We can’t deny that this year will be challenging due to COVID-19 but I am thrilled to face this challenge to provide you with a place to feel open, supported and inspired. 

Feel always free to reach out to me via an email, call or visit to our office, the BASE, with any kind of question that is in your mind. I hope to be here to help you to make the most of your time at TU Delft!