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Jhalesh Juddoo

Function President
Hobbies Cooking, travelling, hiking, football
QQ Study Tour Committee

Hey everyone!

My name is Jhalesh and I will be the President of Board 8 of U-BASE. Last year, I started my master's in Structural Engineering with Specialisation in Steel and Timber Structures. In the beginning of the academic year 21/22, I became a member of U-BASE and little did I know that it will have such an enjoyable impact in my university lifestyle. It was the best decision to join the study association as I met so many fun people from all parts of the world who became friends.

That same year, I joined Action Committee. It was a such a pleasant experience organising events and lunch lectures as well as social activities together with the rest of the group which brought me closer to U-BASE and what was a great choice it was to take part and being more involved within the association. 

As President, my function is to plan and keep the overview of different events and make sure every board tasks are done correctly. Besides that, our board has specific ambitions that I keep track of and to make sure we reach our main goals in the end of the year. 

It goes without forgetting to mention how I am incredibly looking forward to the forthcoming year in which I aim to make everybody thrilled and excited about U-BASE. If you have some questions or suggestions, I’m always up for a chat so feel free to contact me via email or come by the BASE.

See U all soon!