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Luuk van Kouwen

Function Treasurer
Hobbies Sports, travelling and reading
QQ Value of Design

My name is Luuk and I will be the treasurer of U-BASE Board 9. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Arnhem, I followed a bridging programme and I’m currently in the last phase of my master studies at TU Delft, which is writing my thesis. 

After being part of two amazing committees during my studies, namely Study Tour and Concrete Canoe Race Organisation, I have developed a soft spot for U-BASE. Next year I will be the QQ of Value of Design and I cannot wait to be among other students trying to achieve something great together! U-BASE gives students the opportunity to develop themselves through events organised by students, for students. I cannot wait to see students being linked to the faculty, industry and other students by means of this amazing organisation!

As Treasurer I deal with everything that has to do with money. Besides making the yearly budget I also do the accounting and the budgets for the committees and activities. Every quarter I will meet the committee Treasurers to be up to date on everything that is happening inside the association.

I am looking forward to welcoming the new master's students and hope we can make them enthusiastic about U-BASE and becoming part of this beautiful association. If there are any questions or U just want to drink a coffee, feel free to come by our office, the BASE (S2.1.35).

See U!