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External Relations

Iona van der Toorn

Function External Relations
Mastertrack Structural Engineering
Hobbies Swimming, cycling, and traveling
QQ Action Committee
E-mail externalrelations@u-base.org

Hello! My name is Iona van der Toorn and I am the current Commissioner of External Relations of U-BASE. I finished my bachelor’s degree here in Delft and have always been involved with a study association. Therefore I know how important it is for a study association to be there for students, both for professional advice as well as for social interaction.

A crucial role of a study association is to form the link between students and companies. We want to contribute to your study progress and help prepare U for your future job. With our partners we want to create the perfect environment in which U can build a solid network and acquire a broad overview on the possibilities of the future. With lunch lectures, excursions, and open positions posted on the website, there are many opportunities for U to meet with companies.

As part of my position, I will be responsible for any work that involves our partners and contact with other companies. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions and let’s meet in the BASE. I am really excited to meet you all in person, especially now that more is possible with Covid.