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External Relations

Joep Knuppe

Function External Relations
Mastertrack Building Engineering
QQ Action Committee
E-mail externalrelations@u-base.org

Hello to U. 
My name is Joep and I will be the external relations commissioner of the sixth board of U-BASE. As a graduate engineer from the university of applied sciences in Alkmaar, I know very well that it is really important for us (students), to be properly introduced to our fantastic field of work. 

Studying is a journey and while it is mostly filled with reading books and listening to professors, we may not forget that this journey is also all about preparing U for your future job. It is important for the students' growth to acquire a solid network and a broad vision on the possibilities in the field. Our partners play a crucial role in achieving this. Because by learning from what companies are doing and listening to the market, students get their inspiration and a first glimpse of the life of an engineer. 

Since I will start my master's this year, I am still fairly new to U-BASE and I am really looking forward to meeting you all and learning more about our association. In my function I am responsible for business with our partners and contact with other companies. So please feel free to contact me for any questions and let's have a nice chat in our office “The BASE”.