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Promotion and PR

Cristina Román

Function Promo and PR
U-BASE experience Study Tour Committee
Mastertrack Building Engineering
Hobbies Traveling, make-up, and cooking
QQ Media committee and Study Tour Committee
E-mail promotion@u-base.org

U-BASE aims to connect faculty and students, but further from that, it creates an environment that mixes studies and social activities well. As an international student being part of U-BASE helped me connect with lots of people and made it easier to adapt to this new life. That's why becoming a member of this year's board will be the perfect way to contribute to this transition for new students. 

This year I will be in charge of Promotion & PR; U-BASE has a lot of activities and events happening throughout the year. My job is to make sure that everyone is aware of them happening and also make U-BASE known within faculty and companies. And later of course share with everyone the memories made!

I'm looking forward to this upcoming year as part of Board 6. Feel free to contact me through email or just drop by the office. Hope to see everyone around the BASE!